When Florida high school senior Kamilah Campbell’s SAT scores didn’t stack up the way she wanted, she worked hard to do better—but that might not matter now.

“Kamilah explained that she took the SAT for the first time on March 10 with no preparation. Between then and October she practiced diligently, working with her teachers, receiving tutoring, and regularly accessing the preparatory resources of Khan Academy,” according to a statement from attorney Ben Crump.

All that diligence is being called into question now that the scores from Campbell’s retake have been declared “invalid” by the Educational Testing Service and the College Board. Campbell hoped to study dance with a business minor at Florida State University, but she may miss the deadline now—she and attorney Ben Crump are pushing for a review before the application cutoff in a couple weeks, but the College Board usually takes four to six weeks to review score disputes.

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