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Kwanzaa 101: A Beginners Guide To Having A Happy Kwanzaa | Blavity


Kwanzaa 101: A Beginners Guide To Having A Happy Kwanzaa | Blavity Created in 1966 by Dr. Mulana Karenga, Kwanzaa is a holiday focused on connecting African-Americans with their heritage and culture. A celebration with genesis in the Black Panther and freedom movement era, Karenga’s goal for the pan-African holiday is to, “give Blacks an opportunity to celebrate themselves and their history.”

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Though containing colors of green and red that may resemble Christmas and the daily lighting of candles similar to Hanukkah, the cultural celebration is different in that it has no major religious affiliation.

Since it’s implementation into American society, it has spread throughout other nations. 2015 marks the 49th annual celebration of Kwanzaa and an estimated 1.8 million Americans are expected to participate. Interested in celebrating during this holiday season? Here’s a quick beginners guide to having a Heri za Kwanzaa, or Happy Holiday!

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