Washington DC’s own, Anthony “Tony” Browder makes history as the first African American to lead and fund an archeological excavation project in Egypt. In May 2018, Mr. Browder, his daughter Atlantis Tye Browder, and the ASA Restoration Project excavation team discovered 2700-year-old Kushite artifacts that were recently installed in the Egyptian Museum in Luxor. Mr. Browder and his team are continuing the difficult work of bringing to light ancient knowledge that will dramatically change our understanding of Nile Val­ley history and culture forever.

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A Rich Legacy

Anthony Browder has an extensive portfolio as a celebrated cultural historian, Egyptian archeologist, author, and educational consultant. He is a Howard University graduate who lives in Washington DC. Two of his most recent noteworthy accomplishments include the 10-year anniversary of the ASA Restoration Project and the upcoming 2018 Kemetamorphosis Conference.

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