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The Sweet Taste Of Failure | Distinction Magazine

The Sweet Taste Of Failure | Distinction Magazine Come and taste some of the most exquisite Macarons in Hampton Roads

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Two perfectly round meringue cookies – joined in the middle by a light cream filling – somehow contain all the flavor of a slice of cake without any of the regret. One bite and you’ll be hooked.

The macaron is the much prettier, daintier, distant cousin of the lumpy, hairy, coconut-laden macaroon. Hummingbird’s macarons contain the same basic elements others do: egg whites and water, white and confectioners’ sugar, and almond flour. But a secret, flavorless, ingredient makes these more delicious.

And if you ask Hummingbird owner Kisha Frazier, she’ll freely share her secret: A small measure of failure is baked into each one.

At 44, Frazier is the picture of success. She manages Hummingbird Macarons & Desserts, which has grown from three employees to 10 since 2014. She handles a full catering schedule and has a commercial kitchen that ships her treats nationwide. She helped open another popular Norfolk dessert shop and even runs the Hummingbird Tea Room and Chocolate Bar, a mentoring space and storefront in Selden Arcade.

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