Why one nurse is running for Congress | Politico, Pulse Check The midterm elections are about health care — especially for one former HHS staffer mounting a challenge for Congress.

Peter Libbey Politico, Pulse Check
It’s no secret that health care has been a key election issue — Democrats are promising to defend the Affordable Care Act and expand coverage, while Republicans are warning that Medicare for All puts seniors at risk.

So where do we stand a month away from the midterms?

First, POLITICO’s Adam Cancryn joins Dan Diamond to break down the latest campaign messaging on health care and several key battles. (Starts at the 1:45 mark.)

Then, Lauren Underwood — a nurse, a former HHS staffer and a first-time candidate for the House of Representatives — explains why she’s running for Congress, in a competitive Illinois race. (Starts at the 16:45 mark.)