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To Have Black Hair in America | Shoppe Black

To Have Black Hair in America | Shoppe Black Sixth grader Faith Fennidy was expelled on her first day of school for wearing braided extensions.

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This is not an isolated incident; black children all across the country are kicked out of school every year for their hairstyles. It’s a painful tradition of black hairstyles being seen as unfit in school. Worse, it’s rationalized to disrupt their learning.

Fennidy wore what is known as a protective hairstyle, which tucks the ends of hair away to prevent breakage while also promoting healthy growth. Protective hairstyles are most beneficial to kinky hair textures, which are more likely to tangle and break ends. Most braids, along with weaves and locs, are strongly rooted in Black culture because it’s been a proven way to protect our natural hair. However, many private schools and jobs ban these styles entirely.

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