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35 Black Owned Nail Salons | Shoppe Black

35 Black Owned Nail Salons | Shoppe Black Personally, my three favorite nail salons in the world happen to be all Black-owned

I was scrolling through our ShoppeBlack IG when saw a video pop up of a Black woman being attacked at an Asian nail salon in Brooklyn. Someone filmed employees of nail salon attacking a customer with a broom and throwing liquid at her while she tries to fight them off. The video which has since gone viral, has led to multiple arrests, public outrage and protests calling for the salon to shut down.

I’m going to file this incident under “Another reason to Support Black Owned Businesses.” In this case, Black owned nail salons. But as someone who gets regular manicures and pedicures, I can honestly say that I’ve not come across many Black nail salons and if I have, they are far and few in between. Not to mention, I actually have more friends than I can or would name who actually rather NOT patronize Black nail salons. Why is that?

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