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An Orchestra of Hope for Baltimore’s Future | AFRO

An Orchestra of Hope for Baltimore’s Future | AFRO Now in its 11th year serving our students, OrchKids is a year-round, during- and after-school music program designed to create social change and nurture promising futures for young people who live in Baltimore City’s neighborhoods.

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Anyone with any doubts about the value of “OrchKids,” the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra’s instrumental music program for inner city students, should listen to what young Asia Palmer, a flute player in her 10th year with the program, had to say to the New York Times recently.

“The program has given me a voice,” Ms. Palmer declared. “I feel like I can be whatever, do whatever – strive.”

Strive and succeed she has. Back in 2013, I had the honor to be at the White House with Ms. Palmer as First Lady Michelle Obama gave her a hug and presented her with OrchKids’ National Arts and Humanities Youth Program Award.

I cannot think of any time that I have been prouder of our young people or more hopeful for the future of our community.

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