Black buying power shouldn’t be overlooked or ignored, especially by beauty brands and business owners. According to a recent Nielsen report, last year “black shoppers spent $473 million in total hair care (a $4.2 billion industry) and made other significant investments in personal appearance products, such as grooming aids ($127 million out of $889 million) and skin care preparations ($465 million out of $3 billion).”

Yet many black women face discrimination and racism when patronizing their neighborhood beauty supply store. Entrepreneur and influencer Dana Chanel recently shared a post on Instagram that illustrated this sentiment loud and clear.

It featured an image of handwritten signs plastered on what appears to be the window of a beauty supply store, notifying shoppers of the following: “No public restroom,” “Do not take pictures of the hair or the products,” and “If you come in a group only (2) people at a time.”

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