R. Kelly and Bill Cosby are not being lynched | Boston Globe If any of these people want to see a public lynching, original photos aren’t hard to find. They can see the hideously disfigured Till in his coffin, left open by his mother Mamie so that the world could see what racists had done to her son.

NO, R. KELLY IS not being lynched. Fueled by the #MeToo movement and #MuteRKelly campaign, decades of sexual misconduct accusations may finally be catching up to the R&B singer. Now the Time’s Up organization, founded after published reports of rampant sexual assault and harassment by powerful men, has thrown its considerable support behind the anti-Kelly effort.

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“We join the call to #MuteRKelly and insist on the safety + dignity of all women,” tweeted filmmaker Ava DuVernay, a member of the Time’s Up women of color committee. “We demand investigations into R. Kelly’s abuse allegations made by women of color + their families for two decades. We call on those who profit from his music to cut ties.”