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How One Woman Has Created the Ultimate Retreat For All Overworked Professionals | The Network Journal



How One Woman Has Created the Ultimate Retreat For All Overworked Professionals | The Network Journal Everyone needs a getaway. A retreat from the world. But Kwayera Archer has created a retreat with a twist. This year, the Jamaican repatriate and former Brooklyn, N.Y., resident has launched a multi-city retreat series.

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The Immersion Retreat aims to provide a sanctuary for adults during the three-day trip. Every retreat is different from the other–some focusing on leadership, self-care, and even boot camp experiences. One upcoming event in Jamaica is the “Wellness Retreat: Self-Care for Executive Women,” and it is aimed at women who work high-level positions and addresses how they can balance work/life with their personal life.

Some events take place in Manhattan, and there will be others in Philadelphia, Miami, Atlanta, New Orleans, Washington D.C., and Oakland.

The Immersion Retreat has long been a dream of Archer’s, who resigned from her post managing the Flatbush, Brooklyn-based art space Ifetayo Cultural Arts before relocating to her native Jamaica. She built Ifetayo Cultural Arts into a multi-million dollar operation. Archer’s work caught the attention of the Obamas in 2014 and she was given an award at the White House for designing and running one of the best arts and humanities programs in the nation.

Archer, who served as a multi-year appointed panelist for the New York State Council on the Arts, also runs her own international consulting firm, Global Ase.

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Archer tells more about her retreats and meeting the Obamas. More info can be found on her site,

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