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Simply put, Develop Detroit, a full-service non-profit real estate development organization which specializes in a broad range of real estate projects in Detroit, has become a visionary leader in developing and redeveloping multifamily and mixed-use housing developments, single family home rehabilitation, commercial properties and community centers.

“We develop high quality housing for everyone,” said Sonya Mays, president and founding CEO of Develop Detroit. “We build apartment buildings, mostly rental, but we also build town houses and homes. We are focused on creating communities that reflect Detroit. We are not an affordable housing organization, per se, but we do a lot of affordable housing development.”

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Last September, Develop Detroit, in a partnership agreement with Presbyterian Villages of Michigan, took control of University Meadows, a senior apartment complex located on Trumbull Ave. (between Canfield and Forest) on the city’s west side, just west of the John C. Lodge Expressway.

According to Mays, the 20-year old University Meadows complex has 53 units offering senior residents with moderate income a country style of living. With warmer weather prevailing, Develop Detroit is preparing to make full interior and exterior upgrades to the complex, as well as offering residents more programming and activities of empowerment. Develop Detroit and Presbyterian Villages of Michigan are working together to advance a management agenda for the day-to-day operations of University Meadows.

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