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This Black-Owned Business Is Making the At-Home Salon Experience More Inclusive | Elle

This Black-Owned Business Is Making the At-Home Salon Experience More Inclusive | Elle

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Most or our memories of at-home beauty “treatments” are actual nightmares: wicked little brothers with scissors and pranks involving your ponytail, moms with torturous combs, and girlfriends who have never met a shade of aquamarine that your face didn’t need more of. Let’s not even get started on the time you trimmed your own bangs. But now getting a beauty professional sent to your home (much like a celebrity; specifically the celebrity Beyoncé) is as easy as ordering a pizza.

With apps and services like GlamSquad, the BeautyApp, and a slew of other at-home services, one population seems to be left: Black women and their hair. And that’s why New York City based sisters Antonia and Abigail Opiah have come up with an at-home hair care solution for black women. Meet Yeluchi by Un-ruly, a mobile salon of talented stylists that specialize in box braids, weaves and crotchets, and cornrows. With a premium on protective styles, the company is doing what mobile beauty giants have not: offering a service that works for black women, too. Prices start at $50 and work up to around $250, which is the ultimate steal for braiding and weave installs. We chatted with the sisters to discuss how the idea came about from starting with their website Un-ruly to revamping the black hair salon experience and adding the extension of Yeluchi, and how companies like this are catering to a deserving market that hasn’t always seen their needs met.

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