This Is Why We Can Have Nice Things: Wine Educator Larissa Dubose Raises a Glass to the Good Life | The Root Want to sound like a genius while getting your drink on at a cocktail party?

Wine educator Larissa Dubose is here to teach us everything we need to know about the art of ordering, buying and drinking wine. You can log on to this certified wine steward’s YouTube channel or visit her blog, the Lotus and the Vines , to catch one of her easy one-minute video tutorials and get plain-spoken, in-depth info on everything from pronunciation to personalized gifts like wine club subscriptions.

With a holiday weekend coming up when we’ll all be out and about—likely choosing, drinking and offering wine as hostess gifts—The Glow Up connected with Dubose to talk about toasting friends and family (or drowning them out) with a great glass of wine.

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“Wine can be intimidating,” Dubose says. But if she has her way, brothers and sisters will discover not only the joys of wine but its potential to become liquid gold. “If you think about wine and how it’s perceived, it’s associated with the elite,” she says. “C-level executives, doctors, lawyers, entertainers, athletes—these individuals typically will have wine collections.”