Real Women, Real Stories | Krystal Lucero: 5 Ways Breast Cancer at 27 Changed How I Choose to Live | Ignite Your Life Now “You’re much stronger than you think.”

The Basics ~ Roots: I was born in Lufkin, Texas in the early 80’s and at the age of 8 relocated to Katy, Texas where I remained until I graduated high school. I’ve now called Austin my home for over 7 years.

Something People Don’t Know About Me: I talk in my sleep, and I’ve been told it’s not English!

Family Life: I’ve been blessed with two pretty amazing parents who still live in the Katy area. A few years ago, I began realizing how much I am like my mother Lilly, which makes me happy. It’s true, I get it from my momma! I grew up with 2 older sisters in the house who didn’t let me forget that I was the youngest, and most of the time I felt like I had 3 mothers. They have brought wonderful brother-in-laws and nephews into my life.

Robert and I just celebrated 7 years of marriage on July 7th. He continues to make me smile everyday and I’m very thankful for his love. As a teacher & coach he has mastered patience, which is sometimes needed when dealing with me. I’ve joined a very loving and supportive family, I heart my in-laws!

It’s hard to say we don’t have children because so many of our friends and family have let us be a big part of their children’s lives. With our nieces, nephews and Godchildren, we have no shortage of love from the kids!

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Favorite Quote: “Be curious, not judgmental.” -Walt Whitman

Occupation: I’m a Registered Interior Designer and just recently joined Edwards + Mulhausen Interior Design as the Senior Interior Designer. Our design focus is on higher education, healthcare & other commercial spaces.

Best Advice I’ve Been Given: “You’re much stronger than you think.” My friend Virginia told me this before she became my guardian angel, so I’ve been working on not over-thinking!

If I Wasn’t an Interior Designer, I’d Be… a talk show host or a therapist. I’m a talker, but I guess I’m a good listener too. No joke, strangers come up to me all the time and tell me what’s going on in their life. I just got a hug from a random lady this morning in the Starbucks line on my drive to San Antonio for work! I guess I give off an approachable energy that makes people comfortable.