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Black Love Experience Promises a Passport to Wakanda in Southeast | AFRO

Black Love Experience Promises a Passport to Wakanda in Southeast | AFRO In a small corner of Anacostia where the vestiges of D.C.’s Chocolate City remain, lovers of everything black, beautiful and wondrous gathered to dance, mingle and heal.

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The Black Love Experience in its 5th year at the Anacostia Art Center went down Saturday March 21st, bringing together art, music, food and energy to celebrate Black culture in all its splendor. This year’s theme, #passporttowakanda, not only nodded to the cultural turning point that is the Black Panther movie but created a realistic interpretation of what a celebration in the mythical Wakanda would look, feel, smell and taste like.

Originally conceived by Afro-visionary Anika Hobbs, owner of Pan-African retail haven Nubian Hueman, Black Love Experience features brands, musicians and artists from all over the diaspora. Hobbs created the event shortly after opening her retail go-to inside of the arts center to drum up support for her business and highlight the work of brands in her store. “I decided to throw a small event with a few vendors and a DJ to bring folks out and enjoy love and our Blackness,” Hobbs told the AFRO.

To capture the full breadth of this event would be a fruitless endeavor but for those seeking to understand what a well curated celebration of Pan-Africanist culture can be, here is a glimpse of what went down.

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