It took 14 years and $1.2 million to make a documentary on the life of playwright Lorraine Hansberry.

“Sighted Eyes/Feeling Heart” by filmmaker/producer Tracy Heather Strain is worth every minute and every penny.

Hansberry is an authentic American genius.

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When her seminal work, “A Raisin in the Sun,” opened on Broadway in 1959 it changed the face of American theater.

Most people have either seen a production of the play or the 1961 movie about the struggles of a fictional Younger family.

When the father dies and leaves a $10,000 insurance policy, the family nearly implodes over how best to spend the money. While “Mama” wants to move the family out of a crowded kitchenette in a segregated South Side neighborhood, her grown son, who is struggling to provide for his own family, wants to invest the money in a liquor store.

The play marked the first time that a play written by a black woman, directed by a black man and filled with black characters who neither sing nor dance was performed on “The Great White Way.”

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