June is Black Music Month, and as the woman who has singularly been the most influential guiding force of Chene Park Amphitheater since its founding, one of the city’s live music venue jewels, it seemed only appropriate to give Ms. Mausi her just due as someone who comes from a family of businesspeople and entrepreneurs who has most certainly done more than her part to continue the legacy. However, “I could not possibly run Chene Park without my four sons [Dorian, Sulaiman, Rashid, and Malik]. Each of them has a different gift that they bring to bear here. And I never knew I was gonna give birth to a workforce.”

Mausi’s company, The Right Productions, has managed and operated Chene Park for the past 14 years.

“My great grandmother, Mary Felicia Chavous Griffin came to Detroit in 1918 with her three small children, [two girls and a boy], from Aiken, SC. She came here leaving an abusive relationship. As a woman alone with three children to take care of she came to Detroit and she made her way and established her family here” even though she knew no one in town when she made the move.

Detroit, Shahida Mausi, Chene Park, KOLUMN Magazine, KOLUMN

Detroit, Shahida Mausi, Chene Park, KOLUMN Magazine, KOLUMN

Chene Park is a City of Detroit Recreation Department facility, managed and operated by The Right Productions, Inc.

Chene Park Amphitheatre is the most exciting concert space in the heart of downtown Detroit. This unique waterfront venue is the epicenter of live entertainment in the summer for metropolitan Detroit.

The crowds that fill the 5,000 seats and 1,000 lawn spaces atop the hill are diverse and incredibly loyal. They’ve helped Chene Park become one of the top 100 concert venues in the world. (Website).

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