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Last week, the CBC posted a clip from the finale of their airport-based television show Hello Goodbye Canada.

The video shared the story of Mary and Lionel, two young lovers from opposite sides of the African continent— Mary from West Africa and Lionel from East Africa.

Warning: the video below might trigger unwanted emotions and possibly cause you to “ugly cry.”

Walk into any international airport and you’ll stumble upon an emotional hello or goodbye: a long­-distance romance coming to an end… parents bringing a new baby home to the family… Canadians reuniting with family members from abroad.

In HELLO GOODBYE, our host uncovers the touching stories of people traveling through the arrival and departure areas of a vibrant, international airport.

This unscripted series examines topics and themes universal to us all, such as: love, loss, friendship, family; stories all set against the bustling backdrop of Toronto Pearson International Airport.

HELLO GOODBYE is a window into our most human moments and a collection of the stories that bond us as Canadians. (Facebook).