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The Millionaire Turned Shoeshine Man

BY   Nadine Ajaka  |  PUB   The Atlantic 

Larry Woods goes by the name “Mr. Sunshine,” and he shines shoes for a living.
It wasn’t always this way, though. “Back in the 80s, I was made,” he reminisces on his previous wealth. “My head was stuck up so high, I thought everybody had to jump for whatever I said.” After a consequential interaction on the streets, he decided it was time to change. In this short documentary, Woods tells a story about how he began to preach goodwill and kindness on the streets of Auckland, New Zealand.

This film comes to us from the Loading Docs initiative, which supports 10 filmmaking teams to create three-minute, creative documentaries that tell New Zealand stories. This year’s theme is change.

Larry Woods
Larry Woods has been shining shoes around the city of Auckland for many years. Born in San Fransisco, as a young man Larry emigrated to New Zealand with his Kiwi-born wife around the dawn of the Eighties. During that decade Larry’s spectacular resume included being a Royce-driving boutique owner, celebrity softball star and the first black male dancer within the ranks of the Foxy Frenchmen revue, and MC at several of the hottest nightclubs around the city. Never one to look back, these days Larry can be found spreading love and happiness far and wide, brightening the sidewalks of Auckland with his unique inimitable style and candour!

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