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Daughter of Prominent Civil Rights Pastor Says the Church Must Re-Commit to Social Gospel



Daughter of Prominent Civil Rights Pastor Says the Church Must Re-Commit to Social Gospel

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The institutional church, which has largely embraced the prosperity gospels, must return to its original social justice commitment, says Jennifer Jones Austin.

BY   Francesca Norsen Tate  |  PUBLICATION   Brooklyn Daily Eagle 

Jones Austin, daughter of renowned social justice preacher Rev. William Augustus Jones Jr., was the guest speaker at her home congregation, Bethany Baptist Church in Bedford-Stuyvesant, where her father was senior pastor for 43 years.

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Jones Austin addressed Bethany Baptist Church as part of its Core Values Sermon Series Church highlighting social justice, sacrifice, creativity and diversity.

Using the gospel passage of Matthew 25:3, she said, “The church at large has turned away from the spiritual and social justice ministry, and towards the prosperity ministry.”

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