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15 Successful African American Entrepreneurs on Etsy

15 Successful African American Entrepreneurs on Etsy

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Since its launch back in 2005, Etsy has grown into a huge ecommerce market for handmade and vintage goods. Browsing through Etsy, you can see products from a huge variety of sellers.

BY   Annie Pilon  |  PUBLICATION   Small Biz Trends 

If you’re just getting started or thinking about joining Etsy, it can be inspiring to look through the shops of those who are finding success on the platform. Below are many successful African American entrepreneurs who are finding success selling their handmade products on Etsy.

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Camille Peace, Peace Images – Peace is the proprietor of Peace Images, a shop that sells handmade jewelry items (pictured above). Peace is one of many successful African American entrepreneurs on Etsy. Her business journey started how many others have started – as a hobby. She then grew it into a full-time business.

Peace told Small Business Trends, “About 9 years ago, while working in the Social Work sector, I began making myself earrings. At the time It was very hard to find things that I felt culturally represented me (ie Africas, Ankhs, etc). So I made a few pairs for myself, posted them to facebook and was encouraged by both friends and my husband to list them on etsy. My first pair sold within 48 hours and my husband gave me the best advice ever, “keep going.” So I did. I never stopped. I am now self-employed and have been for about 6 years.”

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