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Meet Osborne Macharia’s Club of Elite Little People Fighters

Meet Osborne Macharia’s Club of Elite Little People Fighters

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Kenyan architect by trade-turned-digital conceptual photographer Osborne Macharia has quite the imagination.

BY   Erin C.J. Robertson  |  PUBLICATION   OKAYAFRICA 

The Cannes Lions-prize-winner knows how to wrap fans around his finger with fictional, avant garde works such as Kabangu: Kenyan collective of eccentric hip-hop grandpas and Nyane: Kenya’s league of extraordinary grannies.

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Macharia keeps us guessing with his latest editorial, capturing little people warriors of fanciful fight club network, Mengo, who brawl every month in an abandoned warehouse located in Nairobi, and as part of illegal fight clubs sponsored by former combatants around the globe. We meet four fighters Dudus, Sonko, Mrefu, Mangaritos, each with a unique backstory including exhaustive training since five-years-old, who form the elite Kenyan battle squad.

NON-PROFIT – Nairobi, Kenya
The SSSK seeks to empower in capacity building, education skills, assist and represent people of short stature, to enable individuals to assert their right to live in, participate in and be productive members of the community, and by so doing, maximize their potential, develop their talents and confidence for a fulfilling purpose in life and as valued citizens.

Across the globe, the International Dwarf Awareness Day is an opportunity that the SSSK wishes to address the major challenges, create awareness and seek the solutions to the problems affecting its Members with strategic plans of addressing their plights especially the youth. Indeed the challenges continue to emerge in most young people who have to cope with their prevailing problems such as unemployment, neglect, discrimination, violence, sexual abuse, alcohol and drugs.
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