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The Near Certainty of Anti-Police Violence

The Near Certainty of Anti-Police Violence

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By ignoring illegitimate policing, America has also failed to address the danger this illegitimacy poses to those who must do the policing.

BY   Ta-Nehisi Coates | PUBLICATION   The Atlantic 

Last month, the Obama administration accused Donald Trump of undercutting American legitimacy in the eyes of the world. Trump’s call to ban Muslims wasn’t just morally wrong, according to Vice President Joe Biden, it called “into question America’s status as the greatest democracy in the history of the world.” President Obama followed Biden by asserting that Trump’s rhetoric “doesn’t reflect our democratic ideals,” saying “it will make us less safe, fueling ISIL’s notion that the West hates Muslims.” His point was simple—wanton discrimination in policy and rhetoric undercuts American legitimacy and fuels political extremism. This lesson is not limited to Donald Trump, and it applies as well abroad as it does at home.

DAVID A. DUERSON – Featured Artist
ARTIST – Painting & Pointillism (Drawing)
My drive to create art comes from a need, not a want. It’s not a choice about whether or not I want to do it; I can postpone it, but I cannot escape from it. I create art in response to personal feelings, experiences, and life lessons. My work grows, matures, and erupts in novel series of work. Although each series may not appear to be connected, all are integral representations of my life.

My most recent series of ink paintings represent strong feelings I tend to keep hidden deep within me. Ranging in size from 36″x48″ to 11″x14″ these paintings were created in response to my experience of awakening and the desire to create major changes in my life. Their titles are symbolic of the core of my experiences. Unlike my typical work where I am very detailed, these smaller paintings are more abstract and leave open gaps, representing the future that still unformed. This series is intimate, personal, heart- opening, revealing and honest. What I can’t describe in words, I have put into my images.
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