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Why Summer Matters More for Black Kids

Why Summer Matters More for Black Kids

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[three_fourth padding=”0 15px 0 0px”]Why Summer Matters More for Black Kids


As African-American parents, we feel the weight of our choices

The arrival of summer generates excitement. But it could also bring challenges for both parents and educators. Many students experience a loss in math learning during the summer months known commonly as “summer slide.”

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Students from middle-class families may not be as affected as they have access to more resources to make up for the learning loss. However, those from lower-income backgrounds could experience significant losses, particularly in math and reading.

Researchers point to the summer slide as a contributing factor in the persistent academic achievement gap between students from lower-income backgrounds and their middle-class peers.

CREATIVE – Pianist, Director, Photographer, Songwriter, Writer (1912–2006)
Gordon Parks was a prolific, world-renowned photographer, writer, composer and filmmaker known for his work on projects like Shaft and The Learning Tree.

Born on November 30, 1912, in Fort Scott, Kansas, Gordon Parks was a self-taught artist who became the first African-American photographer for Life and Vogue magazines. He also pursued movie directing and screenwriting, working at the helm of the films The Learning Tree, based on a novel he wrote, and Shaft. Parks has published several memoirs and retrospectives as well, including A Choice of Weapons.

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But does race also conflate with class, when it comes to summer slide? What does summertime mean for black children and the parents and caregivers who care for them?

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