Chrishon Lampley: Creating Love Cork Screw

Two Having a dream takes more than just talking about it. It includes having a concrete plan in place, a solid mission and most important, passion.
Chrishon Lampley, Love Cork Screw, KOLUMN Magazine, Kolumn
Although, having the financial resources to bring this all together moves along the process, it takes passion to battle the challenges that most entrepreneurs face when building a business.

The sheer determination and resilience of Chrishon Lampley is what led to creating Love Cork Screw, a wine brand that has taken off within two years of its creation. Lampley, a former gallery and wine bar owner of Chicago’s Three Peas Art Lounge, realized she had a natural ability as an unofficial sommelier.

Chrishon Lampley, Love Cork Screw, KOLUMN Magazine, Kolumn
The Mtut Group, Cork Love Wine

“We were an art gallery with great wine. In 2010, we won Chicago’s Best Wine List. I’m the one who wrote the wine list — that’s how I knew I was great at this,” Chrishon Lampley.

Chrishon Lampley, Love Cork Screw, KOLUMN Magazine, Kolumn
The Mtut Group, Cork Love Wine
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