Wendy Hilliard, Lynette Love Awarded Cass Tech Top Athletes of the Century


Cass Technical High School, Midtown Detroit, Detroit Magnet Schools, Wendy Hilliard, KOLUMN Magazine, Kolumn

Today, Cass Technical High School Alumni Association’s (CTAA) Centennial Celebration Hall of Fame Committee recently announced that Cass Technical High School alumni and athletes, Wendy Hilliard and Lynnette Love, would be awarded Top Athletes of the Century and inducted into its Athlete Hall of Fame. CTAA is celebrating its 100th year anniversary in 2016 and hosting a multitude of events and celebrations throughout the year. During the 100-Year Centennial Celebration, the Centennial Committee will recognize coaches, teams, and individual athletes along, with their accomplishments over the past 100 years, in an effort to inspire Cass Technical High School graduates and current students to become future leaders.

Class of 1978 graduate, Wendy Hilliard, has long been a major force in Women’s, Olympic and community sports. Wendy Hilliard was the first African-American to represent the U.S. in international competition and also to serve as President of the Women’s Sports Foundation. Hilliard is also the founder of Wendy Hilliard Gymnastics Foundation (WHGF), a not-for-profit organization that provides free and low-cost quality gymnastics for inner-city youth based in Harlem, New York. Wendy also recently announced that after 20 years of successful programming, the WHGF will be expanding and providing gymnastics programs in Detroit, in fall 2016.
Cass Technical High School, Midtown Detroit, Detroit Magnet Schools, Wendy Hilliard, KOLUMN Magazine, Kolumn

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Cass Technical High School, commonly referred to as Cass Tech, is a four-year university preparatory high school in Midtown Detroit, United States. The school is named in honor of Lewis Cass, an American military officer and politician who served as governor of the Michigan Territory from 1813 until 1831. The school is a part of Detroit Public Schools.

Until 1977, Cass was Detroit’s only magnet school and the only non-neighborhood enrollment school in Detroit. Today, Cass is one of few magnet schools in Detroit. Entrance to Cass is based on test scores and middle school grades. Students are required to choose a curriculum path—roughly equivalent to a college “major”—in the ninth grade. Areas of study include, but are not limited to, arts & communication, business management & marketing, engineering & manufacturing, human services, and science & arts.

Cass Technical High School’s average ACT score is 21, which is four points higher than the average for Detroit public high schools. Cass offers eleven advanced placement courses including language composition, history, chemistry, calculus, and physics. Students are required to maintain a 2.5 grade point average on a scale of 4.0 in order to retain enrollment. Cass Tech students’ strong academic performances draw recruiters from across the country, including Ivy League representatives eager to attract the top minority applicants. WIKIPEDIA


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