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Monet’s Closet

Monet’s Closet

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Monets Closet

[two_third padding=”0 30px 0 10px”]SPRING – At 14, Tatyanna Penrice is not your ordinary middle school student, but an entrepreneur as well. She founded Monet’s Closet all by herself. Loving to sew, which plays a huge role in her business because she creates and designs pillows. Although she is young, Tatyanna doesn’t let her youth affect her business. She is very talented, motivated, and determined to reach the goals she has set for herself and her business.

Tatyanna has been sewing for about five years now. She learned how to sew by taking classes at Hobby Lobby, and started making pillows for some of her family members as presents. This quickly turned into a business. “People enjoyed my pillows, and thought they were nice and cute. They put in orders and I just started Monet’s Closet”, stated Penrice. Some businesses take a long time to launch, but Tatyanna’s business only took a week. Debuting in October of 2015, her business launched at an expo that one of her mother’s friends invited her to. She was asked if she wanted to set up a booth at this expo, and only had one week to get everything together.[/two_third][one_third_last padding=”0 0px 0 10px”]

Entrepreneurs are getting younger and younger these days. Stories of people launching startups right out of college and becoming CEOs in their 20s seem to pop up everywhere. But it turns out some of us don’t even need to reach college age to start a successful company: These business owners aren’t even out of their teen years yet! Check out our list of incredible young entrepreneurs that made a name for themselves before they could drive a car. BUSINESS NEWS DAILY[/one_third_last]


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