Tucked away in West Philadelphia’s Mantua section is a community center that helps youths who have gotten into trouble with the law.

Visitors are buzzed inside, past a sign that discourages sagging pants and offensive language, and toward the second floor home of Face Forward 2.

The “2” may as well stand for “second chance,” as more than 100 young people have entered Face Forward 2’s doors in search of a better way.

Nineteen year-old Adrian Casey recalls being 14-years-old and “doing stupid stuff,” the kind of stuff that landed him with legal woes. But since turning to Face Forward 2 in November, he has landed a gig at a pizza chain restaurant.

“They helped me to find a job,” Casey, who turns 20 in June, said of the work development program. “They do a really good job. They help us out, give us information and show us how to do different things like resumes and cover letters.”

Program Director Sheila Armstrong-McGee insists, “This program is so necessary. We have so many people who just need help. That’s the most important thing, we can help young people. Especially the young people who are looked down upon because they maybe made a bad decision.”

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