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A Michigan Case Triggers Debate Over the Terminology for Female Genital Mutilation – Slate Two weeks ago, an emergency-room doctor in Detroit was arrested for allegedly removing parts of two 7-year-old girls’ genitals. The federal criminal complaint alleges that Jumana Nagarwala, who has denied the charges, committed the crimes at a medical clinic in Livonia and may have victimized multiple other girls at the request of their parents.

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Fla. Apologizes to ‘Groveland Four,’ Men Wrongly Convicted of Rape in 1949 – The Root In 1949 in Groveland, Fla., four men—Walter Irvin, Samuel Shepherd, Charles Greenlee and Ernest Thomas—were wrongly convicted of raping 17-year-old Norma Padgett in Groveland. Three of the men were imprisoned and another was shot and killed by a group of white men. They became known as the Groveland Four.

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